Crazy Juices – APPLE + BLACK CURRANT (4 bottles)


Ingredients: pressed apple juice NFC, pressed blackcurrant juice NFC



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What happens if you add blackcurrants to fresh apples? You get a delicious juice without added sugar, preservatives, colourings and water. Only natural ingredients. A huge dose of vitamins and minerals.

  • 4 bottles of APPLE + BLACK CURRANT (250 ml)

Our juice is made only from fresh fruit. It contains no sugar, water or colourings. The main ingredient – apples increase immunity. These fruits are recommended for cigarette smokers because they cleanse the body from toxins. They also make our skin look better thanks to the procyanide content.

Apples also prevent colon cancer and regulate intestinal function, as well as protect against atherosclerosis and heart attacks. They strengthen the heart and help lose weight. Blackcurrant contained in the juice is a source of many vitamins, organic acids, pectins and mineral salts. Consumption of blackcurrants can help control cholesterol levels. The fruit is helpful in getting rid of glaucoma or gastrointestinal disorders. Blackcurrant extract is also used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, muscle fatigue, arthritis or cold symptoms.