Safely transport & present juice bottles

These presentation bottle carriers are not only attractive, they’re incredibly strong too. Each box has cut out handles for easy carrying and they’re 100% recyclable.


As part of the cooperation, we offer a whole range of benefits and real support in the field of promotional and sales activities. The product display allows for an attractive presentation of goods, which results in sales growth.

The height of the displays, the width and depth of the shelves have been adjusted to the packaging formats and advertising spaces. The materials from which the displays are made emphasize the ecological character of the brand.



Advertising deck chairs are not only comfortable places to sit, but also an original way for promoting.

They can be placed both inside and outside the building and they will test themselves in the most difficult weather conditions.


To achieve success, you need to take effective steps to distinguish the brand from the others.

Neon ads work great. Why? Because they combine esthetics with a moderate message, they are not intrusive, they do not encourage direct purchase, but they gently allow the brand to exist in the minds of a potential recipient and evoke positive associations with the mark.


Wobblers are an ideal incentive for customers – they attract the attention and interest of recipients.

Shelfliners are an excellent tool for presenting products on the shelf at the selling point. It enables professional display of goods and quick identification of items, which is crucial in the sales process.


Hologram advertising is the latest technology that attracts everyone’s attention! It is widely used at the window displays, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, airports and various types of companies that would like to attract attention with their ads