Super Juices – SPIRIT – (4 bottles)

SPIRIT 250 ml

Ingredients: pressed apples, pressed pears, cucumber juice, ginger infusion, squeezed lime juice, matcha infusion, spirulina extract

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Super juice made from 100% fruit and vegetables. No added sugar. We only love what is natural.


Our Super Juices are a combination of fruit and vegetables. They are a perfect supplement to every diet. They contain many valuable vitamins for your body. A diet rich in juices contributes to strengthening the body’s microflora, supports the immune and digestive systems. Our juice is made only from fresh fruit and vegetables. It does not contain sugar, water or colourings.


Apples cleanse the body of toxins, prevent colon cancer, atherosclerosis and heart attacks. Pears help fight hypertension and improve brain function. Cucumber is a rich source of antioxidants and ginger is ideal for colds. Lime helps keep your liver healthy, matcha improves mood and relaxes and spirulina is rich in protein. Crazy Fruits is a ready recipe for health!

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