Super Juices – COOL – (4 bottles)

COOL 250 ml

Ingredients: pressed apples, pressed white grapes, raspberry juice, cherry juice, pressed passion fruit, goji berries, beetroot, squeezed lime juice

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Super juice made from 100% fruit and vegetables. No added sugar. We only love what is natural.

Our Super Juices are a combination of fruit and vegetables. They are a perfect supplement to every diet. They contain many valuable vitamins for your body. A diet rich in juices contributes to strengthening the body’s microflora, supports the immune and digestive systems. Our juice is made only from fresh fruit and vegetables. It does not contain sugar, water or colourings.

Apples contained in the composition increase immunity. These fruits are recommended for cigarette smokers because they cleanse the body from toxins, prevent colon cancer, as well as protect against atherosclerosis and heart attacks. They strengthen the heart and help lose weight. White grapes are rich in flavonoids, which have a cleansing effect on the body and also aid digestion. Raspberry juice is invaluable in fighting the first symptoms of cold and flu. Cherries are a rich source of antioxidants and passion fruit has anti-inflammatory properties. Goji berries strengthen your body with essential amino acids, beetroot provides a source of iron and lime helps keep your liver in good shape. Crazy Fruits is a ready recipe for health!

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