Hey! Do you remember to take care of your health every day? If the answer is NO, don’t worry – we’re here to help you. You only have to grab a Crazy Fruits juice and your’re ready to go! All the nutrients and vitamins in the bottle will do the rest for you. Our products are made from fruits and vegetables only, which means you’ll find only good stuff in them. Let’s check some of the health benefits hidden in the fruits and vegetables we use in Crazy Fruits.


Strenghten immunity

Your immunity is a serious business. We are exposed to infections every day, especially in autumn and winter. Our apple-based juices are a recipe for health. They will protect you from viruses!

Fight atherosclerosis

Pectin in fruits reduce the absorption of cholesterol, which significantly contributes to lower the risk of a stroke or atherosclerosis. Sounds complicated but our lemur is here to remind you that what you have to do is to remember one simple thing: our products are an easy way to live a long happy life!

Make your skin look better

Who doesn’t want a smooth and radiant skin? The procyanidins in the cranberry have many times greater antioxidant capacity than vitamin C or E. It is vitamin C that is key in the production of collagen which has a positive effect on our skin. You will find a lot of these vitamins content also in a pumpkin used in Crazy Fruits smoothies.

Prevent colon cancer

Prevent cancer with a simple fruit? Yes, please! Thanks to the fiber content, our fruits regulate intestinal peristalsis and help keep it in good condition, while also protecting against colon cancer and other serious intestinal diseases.

Regulate blood sugar level

The glycemic index of apples is lower than 40, which means that in moderate amounts they are also safe for people suffering from diabetes. Additionally, the fiber in apples contributes to the regulation of blood sugar level. Easy, isn’t it?

Help smokers

It’s more than probable that you have smoked cigarettes at least one time. Don’t kid yourself, they are very dangerous to your health. Thanks to the beetroot Crazy Fruits products cleanse the body of toxins. People who smoke regularly should reach for our juices!


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